Gallery Van De Water

Colorado painter Lynn Van De Water's fascination with textile patterns shows throughout her work. Paintings superimposed with a lace pattern, or enveloped with a soft print inspired by a Japanese kimono, create interest beyond the central theme.

Original patterns are painted by free hand, stenciled or printed with hand cut blocks all on printed-paper adhered to canvas. Often exquisitely detailed flowers, insects or birds are painted onto the pattern and design. At this point gold or silver leaf may be applied and lacquered with many coats of varnish.

The melding of layers with natural elements juxtaposes the Asian feel of the background with European and American style 18th century still life's or 19th century landscapes. This process results in a depth and quality of surface with a high shine and shimmer that cannot be seen in reproductions.

Lynn's formal art schooling at The Colorado College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago were merely the springboards to her life as an artist. Believing learning does not end when the degree is received is amply illustrated by Lynn's resume of additional art learning experiences. Sharing what she has learned is another key part of her art experience. Lynn continues to teach in numerous schools and art camps completing the circle of receiving and giving.


Available Work

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